The Ace Hotel

Over the years I have stayed at a multitude of hotels and the one thing I can say is that it takes a lot for a hotel to make you stand back and want to express your love for it. The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is a boutique hotel that makes you want to do just that. The hotel (once a rundown roadside motel) has a hip atmosphere without being pretentious. The rooms are slightly masculine, kind of what you would imagine a 16-year-old boys room to look like if his mother was an interior designer. However, this all works perfectly with the simplistic retro vibe they have going on.


The hotel restaurant known as the King’s Highway, sells American food with a fresh organic touch. If you’re lucky enough to stay at the hotel on the weekend or a Monday night (currently bingo night), you might even get to experience the singing server, Linda Fabulous. If you are looking for a weekend away with a loved one, a group of friends or the entire family, then the Ace Hotel is for you. Overall I have to say its… Well, pretty ace! 

Pictures by Keeley's Corner

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