I miss Luella

When Luella Bartley decided to close down her lovable label Luella in 2009 I was sad. Not only because I believe Luella is a very talented designed but because her label has forever inspired me to be more of a lady. Its day's like today when I decide to put on my usual masculine attire of jeans and a oversized shirt that I like to look back at the pictures that make me want to wear heels again.    

New poster

Here is a look at the poster designed for my new short film Venus and The Sun. If you can't make it to the screening then you will be able to view it as an App from 14 of March, the App also includes a spin the bottle game and ask Keeley a question. I went into the studio on Tuesday to record the voice overs and it's actually sounding and looking really good, even if I say so myself. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs

When Marc Jacob shows his oh so fabulous Marc by Marc collect at fashion week, the first thing I do is sit on the internet for hours on end deciding what items I am going to buy when they eventually hit the stores (it is the more affordable collection and I can buy a lot). Sadly I will not be purchasing anything for this Fall 2011 collection mainly because the small amount of the items I liked (personally not my favorite collection) would like awful on my curvy figure, nevertheless I wanted to share my favorite looks from the show.


Leopard Print

 It's a style that's been around for years and it seems like everyone is doing it these days, but I still can't get enough of it. Sweater by Topshop, Bag by H&M 

I love the new collection by The Row Fall 2011 

The Row Fall 2011 

Dear Topshop

Dear Philip,

Firstly I would like to say Topshop is my favorite high street store and I have loved your clothes since the day I was old enough to wear them.

However after walking into your store today, I'm pretty sure you have copied my shoes. I was yet to see another person with a remotely similar pair, now a pair almost identical is available in your store for purchase. I would like compensation, possibly in the form of gift vouchers. Thank you, Keeley

(Brown Topshop shoe, below my shoe purchased from the Melrose


post in 2009)

Old coat, new shoes

I saw these shoes months ago in the Opening Ceremony store in LA, which technically would make them last session but they have only been released in London stores in the last couple of weeks. When I walked into the B store today I just had to buy them, there's something about paying for shoes in pounds that makes you feel that the amount you are spending isn't that high and with my addiction to Opening Ceremony shoes, the B store gets me every time! Sheepskin coat from American Vintage, jeans from Religion London.

Sophia Morte

The first collection from rebellious and seductive jewelry brand Sophia Morte.


The Dancer

There are times when I see shoes and sheer enjoyment that spreads over my face is so intense one might think I just saw Brad Pitt naked. That is what happened when I saw these leather wedge boots by Australian designer Illex Kinni.  

Mulberry handbag

I was 17 years old studying fashion and I needed, (note the word needed not wanted) a Mulberry handbag. I saved up for weeks to purchase this brown leather Roxanne handbag, and it was worth every penny.
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